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Cotton Doll

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BJD TATA 26cm Ball-Jointed Doll

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Product Details

Head and body(without make-up)


Angel's body(the body is unisex)


High resin


a. Face-up:$50
b. Additional hands: B type:$25
                                     C type:$25
                                     D type:$25


Double  Jointed

Skin Color

a. White skin
b. Normal skin
c. V normal (similar to Manutacture Volks' skin color)


Head Size:16cm
Neck Size:5.5cm
Shoulder breadth:4.2cm
Breast Size:13cm
Waist Size:12.2cm
Hip Size:14.5cm
Leg Length:10.5cm
Feet Length:3.7cm

Delivery Time

About 5 to 6 months


1.This product includes facemask, birthday card, doll cushion and doll case.
2.If you select the face-up, we will fixed the eyes and the eyelash in the head.
3.The doll will be carefully assembled and nicely polished before shipping.
4.For your reference, the model in the picture is Normal skin.
5.Please reach an understanding that shipment may be delayed for manufacturer reasons.


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User Comment(Total4User Comment Num)

  • Anonymous user ( 2017-09-28 02:01:46 )

    Just want to say she is so so beautiful. This price is the doll it's self with hands feet eyes and lashes. The outfit and hair is seperate, correct?
    Thank you

    AdministratorHello dear,
    Thank you ~^o^~
    This price $175.0 is just a nude doll(with a pair of normal hands and feet), not with face make up, if you want her face blushing as same as pictures, you have to add $50, the shoes, outfit and hair is seperate.


  • Anonymous user ( 2016-03-20 09:40:26 )

    Is this doll still able to be bought?

    AdministratorHello dear,
    This doll is still availble to be ordered.


  • Anonymous user ( 2015-08-16 16:07:19 )

    hello! I have a couple of question since it would be my first time ordering a bjd; the eyes will be fixed to the head, but if I'd like to change them with another color can I do it? and if I order from you are you willing to declare less on the package in order to avoid custom fees? Thank you in advance!

    AdministratorHello dear,
    You can choose to change another colir eyes for her. Please just leave a message to tell me which color do you want when you make order.
    We can delare the value on the package.
    Also you can tell me how much you wabt to value it.

  • Anonymous user ( 2015-07-04 11:54:40 )

    Its have full set

    AdministratorHello dear,
    I'm sorry ther's no fullset of this doll.
    You can choose YSD size clothes and wigs for this doll in our shop.

    Best regards,

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