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About payment
Erica / 2015-08-22

(1)We accept the payment by paypal.
     Our paypal account:

     Normally we will send you confirmation letter after you do the payment in 24 hours.

(2)About layaway
     a. We accept layaway in our shop.
     b. You have to pay 40% of total price (including freight) at your first payment.
     c. We will start to make the order after first payment is confirmed.
     d. You can choose to finish the payment by 3 or 4 times.Please contact us after you do every payment.
     e. We will ship your order after layaway is finished.
     f. You"d better to finish the layaway in 6 months.
     g. The order cannot be cancelled during the layaway process, we will not refund to you if you cancelled the order.