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About payment
Erica / 2015-08-22

(1)We accept the payment by paypal.
     Our paypal account:

     Normally we will send you confirmation letter after you do the payment in 24 hours.

(2)About layaway   You could pay the down payment to our paypal account directly.

     You could place the order as normal then pay the down payment to our paypal account.

     a. We accept layaway in our shop.
     b. You have to pay 40% of total price (including freight) at your first payment.
     c. We will start to make the order after first payment is confirmed.
     d. You can choose to finish the payment by 3 or 4 times.Please contact us after you do every payment.
     e. We will ship your order after layaway is finished.
     f. You"d better to finish the layaway in 6 months.
     g. The order cannot be cancelled during the layaway process, we will not refund to you if you cancelled the order.