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BJD MengHe-styleB Dentist Boy 72cm Ball-jointed Doll

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Body+head(without face-up)




a. Face-up: $55

Characters Intro 

 Meng He
Age: 27 years old
Height: 183cm
Weight: 69kg
Blood Type: A
Constellation: Scorpio
Occupation: Dentist
Favourite colour: Black/White
Interests: Reading book
Favourite type of girls: With black and long hair, quiet, fair skin.
Types of people being not good with: Clingy and noisy guys


Double Joint

Skin Color

a. White
b. Normal


Total Height (include Head) : 72 cm
Girth of head: 21 cm
Girth of Neck: 10.5 cm
Girth of Chest: 30 cm
Girth of waist: 22 cm
Girth of hips: 28.5 cm
Width of shoulders: 15 cm
Length of arm: 21 cm
Length from Hip to Foot: 41 cm
Length of Foot: 9 cm

Delivery Time

60-90 working days


1. This product includes facemask, birthday card,doll cushion and doll case.
2. We send the doll assembled,and we will fixed the eye and the eyelash in the head.
3. Make up can be a little different because of hand works.
4. The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.
5. The model in the picture is normal skin.
6. Please reach anunderstanding that shipment may be delayed for manufacturer reasons.



South Side Story(Temporal edition of South Side Heritage)

After receiving the last patient, He’s assistant nurse gave him a phone.

      During any operation——even just pulling wisdom tooth, any dentists who had professional ethics wouldn’t answer phone.

      He was surely an ethic dentist. However, today who just called was really immoral, he kept calling for forty times. When He was just about to throw the phone outside the window, that patient whose wisdom tooth was being pulled, finally said flounderingly, “ Dr. He, I beg you, please answer the phone……”

      “Hello~ Darling, it’s me! You must have missed me!”

       The caller said, his voice was young, lively and jaunty. He’s temple jumped suddenly, he said in a low voice, “ I am not your Darling!”

      “Puff.“ The assistant nurse laughed. The feeling on that patient with a widely open mouth also became twisted.

      “Don’t talking like that, Darling, I know you must have missed me for a long time! Thus I wanna give you a surprise! Do you want to guess what it is first?” The man on the phone seemed didn’t understand He’s coldness, he kept smiling.

     “No.” He frowned, he only wanna hang up this call as soon as possible.

     “You are still such boring! But I don’t care, this surprise is——I decide to stay in your home for several days! I am really considerate, right? You don’t need to keep missing me deeply every day any more!”


     This whine sounded extremely cruel. But it was not from He, it was from that hapless patient. When He heard the caller’s announcement, his hands suddenly shook so that the patient’s wisdom tooth was broken in gum.

      Breaking wisdom tooth was really trouble. He spent severalfold time on coping with the aftermath of that patient whose mouth was full of blood. When dealing with that problem, some past events occurred to He’s mind quickly.

     Meng He, 27 years old, a handsome and clever social elite. He was undoubtedly successful, and always growing up in the public’s admiration. But during his 27 years of youth,there was always a shadow, which entangled him and made him unhappy.

    This shadow was his damned cousin——who called him just now and said Darling——Qinzhe Zhen.

     This guy started finding trouble with him from when he was young, and he was a gifted performer. With a blood type of AB and a constellation of Gemini, it seemed there were four types of personalities in Zhen’s soul.  Before the elder, Zhen was dutiful to father and he showed love and respect as good brothers should. However, which He could bet was, as long as in front of him, Zhen showed the worst personality.

     Zhen liked teasing He from childhood, maybe what he liked was He’s patience. Zhen made trouble at home, it was always He who took the blame for him. Zhen made trouble outside, it was always He who took the blame for him. Zhen seduced other’s girlfriend, it was always He who took the blame for him.  He fell in love, Zhen seduced his girlfriend.

      He thought Zhen must be his bane, who was born to bully him. Or, himself had done anything wrong to Zhen in last life. If not, why he was clamped down by Zhen in all aspects. Patient and sedate as He, he had run away from home for many times, just in order not to see Zhen any more. But what was miraculous was that wherever he went, Zhen had method to find him and force him to go back. Then, Zhen would titter when He was rebuked by the elder.

     When He was planning how to kill Zhen without spilling blood and burn the corpse, Zhen was suddenly discovered by a talent and went to develop in entertainment area. Only in a few years, Zhen wan a lot of fans. He acted in several idol drama and roamed the runways for Paris fashion week. Zhen, who became a star, from then on, was busy on being linked to all kinds of actresses, no longer bothered He.

      He never had thought, that psychotic lunatic would think of him again in busy schedule, he even wanted to live in his home!  Kidding? He was most bored with gossip in entertainment area. Moreover, Zhen was so famous, paparazzo would put up the tent in front of his home!

      As soon He thought of these, he felt annoyed. Thus, he focused on pulling patient’s wisdom tooth with his phone open.   

      After the operation was over, He saw a message from Zhen.

      “Meng, please tell me where you are, I beg you. I am really tired, but I have no place to rest.”

      He suddenly felt tenderhearted when he saw this message. These years, actually there were lovely points on Zhen.

      Though his personality was bad, his nature was kind. Sometimes he bullied He too much, he would self-examined seriously and apologized. Though his private life was really a mass, when He was ill, he would take care of him prudentially.

      He was tired…… He looked at the message, thought over and over. Though Zhen was polished and perfect on the stage, in such world, he would feel tired in the end. At all, he was only a mommasman.

      He sighed, slowly tying his detail address. As long as Zhen toed the line and didn’t make trouble this time, living for two days was OK.

       But when He went back home after work, seeing Zhen standing in front of his home with his luggage and snicker, he found himself may have been fooled.

     The facial impression on Zhen’s face was totally not tireness, it was “You have been fooled by me” instead.

    “Hey, Darling, I am sorry I have cheated you, I wanna live for three to five years actually, I think you won’t mind, right? I know, we are good cousins!”

In shadows and soft light, Zhen showed evil smile,” Don’t worry, I will pay you house rent. But housework like washing, cooking and sweeping, are all your responsibilities!”

       Looking at the angelical smile on this Evil’s face, He gnashed.

       “ Qinzhe Zhen, Sooner or later one day,I will ruin you in person!”




BJD MengHe-styleB Doctor Boy 72cm Ball-jointed Doll




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