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Ball-jointed Hand Female Short Nail Hands for SD Girl BJD (Ball-jointed doll)

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Product Details

Ball-jointed Hand(without make up)

Skin Color

White skin
Yellow skin
Pink skin
Translucent pink (+$20)
Translucent white (+$20)
Translucent yellow (+$20)
Translucent gray (+$20)
Translucent sunshine (+$20)


Make up:$20


Fit for 1/3 girl body of  Doll Lgend

Delivery Time

About 8~10 weeks


Please notice the skin color is different between different manufacture. 
1. Make up can be a little different because of hand works.
2. The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.
3. Please reach anunderstanding that shipment may be delayed for manufacturer reasons.
4. The hands is fit for the doll of DOLL LEGEND, if you want to match dolls of other manufacture, the skin color may be   different.







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Shipping & Shipping Fee

International EMS: (Apply to all goods, freight cycle are 6-8 business days.)

Take 500g as a benchmark for calculation.

The fee for the first 500g is $23, every additional 500g adds $ 6.

For example: if your goods weights 2000g (500g+1500g), the shipping fee you should pay is $41($23+$6*3).

Notes: If the length, width, height for the goods, any one is out of the range of 60cm, you should multiply the three numbers, then divide the number you get by 8000 to calculate the shipping fee. If the shipping fee calculated by the weights of goods exceeds the calculation way by volume, we will use the weights to calculate the shipping fee.

For example: Your goods weights 3300g, but the weight for the volume method is 4000g, then we will use 4000g for calculating shipping fee. The shipping fee should be $65 ($23+$6*7). Vice versa.

The methods for calculating the shipping fee maybe sound a little complicated, if you feel puzzled about it, you can contact us at any time. Thank you for looking and happy order.

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User Comment(Total5User Comment Num)

  • Anonymous user ( 2019-09-01 14:13:43 )

    Will this be compatible with iplehouse EID dolls with white skin?

    AdministratorHello dear,
    Sorry, we have not any iplehouse dolls in our shop, so we're not clear with the skin color.
    But skin color adjustment is available for these hands.


  • Anonymous user ( 2019-08-25 10:47:52 )

    Are these hands compatible with Granado female embody? Is there any color chart for Doll legend? I like to know, what kind of white they use? Pinkish, yellowish or paper white?

    AdministratorHello dear,
    I'm afraid it will be a little small for Granado female embody.


  • Anonymous user ( 2018-09-03 03:32:07 )

    I was wondering if these hands would work with the BeYours girl body?
    Thank you!

    AdministratorHello dear,
    The size us OK, but the skin color is different.
    These hands can be adjusted color, but it needs more $40.
    Be free to contact us if you have any questions.


  • Anonymous user ( 2018-07-28 01:22:43 )

    I had asked about another pair of hands, but would it be possible to match these hands to the skin tone of the NT dolls? Specifically Rosa in the pink skin tone I didn't see these at first while browsing and they're absolutely lovely.

    AdministratorHello deat,
    The size is OK, but the skin color difference is obvious.
    These hands can be made the skin color just as you want, but you need to pay more $40 for it, also you need to send us the resin color just you want, not pictures, but the actually resin.
    Be free to contact us if you have any questions.


  • Minanime ( 2017-11-22 14:29:06 )


    May I ask if this ball jointed hand compatible with Luts SD dolls? I am also interested in the male short nail version as well, will that also be compatible with Luts SD dolls?

    And another thing to add is that there is an error with the option for make-up price for the female hands- when no make-up is selected $20 is added, instead of with make up option.

    AdministratorHello dear,
    Sorry there isn't any luts dolls in our shop, so we're not clear about the skin color.
    But the manufacture could adjust the ball jointed hands to what you want if you could send the samples.
    We have corrected make up options.
    Kind regards,

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