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BJD XiaoGuanHua Girl 42cm BB DSD Ball-jointed doll

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Body+head(not include any make-up)




Fullset:$440(including nude doll,face-up,clothes, shoes,wig and random eyes)


Double Joint

Skin Color

1. yellow
2. pink
3. white
4. Sunshine(+$60)


Height:42cm(including head)
Eyes: 18mm
Head Circumference: about 22cm
Neck Circumference: 9.5cm
Shoulder width: 10cm
Chest: 19cm
Waist: 16.8cm
Hips: 22.2cm
Upper-Arm Circumference: 8cm
Wrist Circumference: 5.6cm
Sleeve Length: 14cm
Thigh Circumference: 13cm
Ankle circumference: 6.5cm
Foot: 5.2cm*2.2cm

Delivery Time

about 12~16 weeks


1. This product includes futon, birthday carf, doll box sticks.
2. We send the doll assembly.
3. Please reach an understanding that shipment may be delayed for manufacturer reasons.
4.There will be a little bit color difference between the picture and BJD, which may be caused by the LCD Resolution. To avoid unnecessary dispute, perfectionist should choose it more carefully.









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