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Ringdoll 2018 Easter Event!
Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company-Legenddoll / 2018-04-03

 Ringdoll 2018 Easter Event!

Activity Period


Activity one
1.Order over 200usd,you can get 20usd off; 
1.Order over 400usd,you can get 50usd off; 
1.Order over 600usd,you can get 70usd off; 
1.Order over 700usd,you can get 100usd off; 
1.Order over 800usd,you can get 130usd off. 

Activity two:
You can get Ringdoll 2018 Desk Calendar for free if your order over 200usd.

1.Activity one can be combined with Activity two. out edition is exclude.
All rights reserved by Ringdoll.

We will adjust the order price for you if your order is included in this event.


This event is only available to RingDoll items, not  available to anyother items in our shop.