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SAKURA & DFA Christmas Event
Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company-Legenddoll / 2017-12-14

SAKURA CHRISTMAS EVENT(2017.12.11-2018.01.04)

You will get a free shipping for SAKURA products when you order any pet of SAKURA.

PS.Free shipping is only available for SAKURA products, not suitable to other products 


 Doll Family-A 2017 Christmas Event (2017.11.29 - 2018.01.25)
 Doll Family-A(
* Order 1/3 Size Doll: 15% off + a white MiaoMiao or WuWu as gift.
* Order 1/4 Size Doll: 15% off + a green Frog as gift.
* Order 33cm Doll: 15% off.
* Order 16cm Doll: 50% off.
* Order DF-A Pets: 50% off.
PS. The price showed in website is original one,it will be changed when you do payment.
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